Vision and Mission


In partnership with our Catholic schools, parishes, and the larger community, the PACE Foundation is committed to nurturing, promoting, and supporting the vision, mission, and core values of the Catholic School system.MISSION
Our mission is to assist with the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of Catholic Education programs by doing the following:
Promoting Catholic Education and promoting support for Catholic education programs
Providing limited financial assistance for the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of Catholic education programs
Cooperating whenever possible with other organizations and programs with similar objectives.OUR GOALS AND INITIATIVES
A. Initiatives Promoting Spiritual Growth
To provide limited funds for school-based learning experiences designed to promote the spiritual growth of students. These could include projects in support of Christian values and lifestyles, retreats and vocational awareness experiences for students, and other similar projects.
B. Initiatives to Enhance Student Leadership, Social Justice, and
To provide limited funds for initiatives which develop strong leadership and stewardship skills in students and which foster a commitment to help those in greater need in our school communities.
C. Innovative Educational Ideas in a Catholic School
To provide limited seed money for the development of new or innovative ideas which promote faith development. (Not meant to replace curricular products or services normally provided by the Board of Education)
D. Special Circumstance
Special circumstance applications may be considered from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
E. Designated Funds
Designated funds are donor-directed. The interest from such funds may be allocated to meet needs in the designated schools/programs, subject to PACE Foundation Board approval