Funding overview

  • Our mandate is to provide limited funding for school-based projects that enhance Catholic education within our schools.
  • The Foundation will consider requests, which indicate clearly that theschool community is involved financially. The Foundation may offer up to 80% of the cost of an activity or project to a maximum Foundation contribution of $1,000.
  • One or more projects may be proposed, but maximum request per school shall not exceed $1,000.00.
  • Projects should fit within the proposed categories of:
  • Initiatives Promoting Spiritual Growth
  • Initiatives to Enhance Student Leadership, Social Justice, and


  • Innovative Educational Ideas in a Catholic School

1. Applications must be submitted by November 30th

2. The Foundation Board of Directors will consider application for
resources once during each school year at a meeting of the
Foundation Board in November.

3. Each school/parent group is invited to submit one application per
school. An application may contain more than one project. (Each
project is to be identified separately). The total request of the
application cannot exceed $1,000 per school.

4. Successful applications will be celebrated at a disbursement
ceremony in February (at our Gala Banquet). Some awards will be
‘held in trust’ if best paid directly from the Foundation account. The
recipient must use approved funds by November 1st of the following
calendar year (within 12 months) unless otherwise approved by the
Foundation Board. Funding not used during the allotted time period
must be returned to the Foundation.
5. Applicants must demonstrate that each project is being funded in
part by groups other than the Prince Albert Catholic Schools
Foundation (i.e. school community councils, student councils, etc).
6. Applications must be made through the school where the project will
be carried out and be endorsed by the principal except as per #7.
7. The Director and Superintendents/Coordinators may apply for
division-wide programs, which are within the mandate of the
Foundation. A shared funding agreement should be explored.
8. The decision of the Foundation Board of Directors is final.
9. The Foundation Board reserves the right to use any project funded
in its advertising or media programs.
10. Funding will not be made toward capital costs, travel subsidies for
students or teachers, playground equipment, or educational products or
services normally supplied by the Catholic Board of Education (i.e.
bibles). (The only exception will be for buses used by classes to visit
various churches, or attend workshops or concerts related to the faith
11. Funding will not be made toward nutrition breaks or meals for seminars, special school events or retreats.